Comets / Composition

This lightweight composite cylinder is popular not just for its worldwide distinguished design. Comet is well-known as a low-maintenance cylinder, easy to clean, corrosion-proof and fully impermeable. It’s also significantly lighter than traditional cylinders – remaining safe, reliable and with increased shock resistance.


1 – Shock Absorbers

A differentiating concept, our patented shock absorbers, located on the top and the bottom of the cylinder, help dissipate the energy from physical shocks.

2 – Steel Liner

The coat-protected, high strength steel metallic liner provides optimal safety.

3 – Composite Layer

Between the liner and the cover rests a composite fiber, increasing lightness and resistance to shock through its malleability.

4 – Polymeric Jacket

With an appealing and modern design, the body is resistant to UV radiation, and features shrouds that are both ergonomic and stackable.



Corrosion free

Impermeable metallic liner

Customized relief device

Ergonomic and easy handling

Color variety in customization

Fully recyclable materials

Conical thread


Reduced maintenance cost

Reduced risk of static build-up

Explosion proof

Increased vaporization capacity

Improves company branding

Offers high safety and reliability

Leakage proof