About us

We are Rungas, a pioneer manufacturer of cooking gas level gauge cylinders in Africa

With almost a decade experience in importing and exclusive distribution of LPGs Africa, we are strategically positioned to deliver products that guarantee safer cooking with cleaner energy. We have a strong base in Nigeria and our operations are strategically run in Lekki Free Zone, Lagos. Nigeria.


Our Purpose

As a fast rising oil and gas sector multi- national, Rungas has a defined purpose of increasing the use of LPG in Africa by supplying quality certified, durable, standardized and technologically advanced cooking gas cylinders into our various markets of operation


The name Rungas, represents everything about us as a business and as well as our products and services to Africans, especially in Nigeria. Since 2008, we have been at the forefront of creating the structures and capabilities to make people want to use gas. In Rungas, we strongly believe in the objectives of the Paris Agreement and especially as it relates to ending gas flaring.

We also believe that one of the key outcomes in achieves the objectives of the Paris Agreement is to increase the use of cleaner fuel such as gas, as the number one cooking fuel in Africa.

We are overcharged with passion in our vision to positively influence our consumers and customers in how they receive and use LP Gas (cooking gas), how they think about cleaner energy i.e. cooking gas and how they make decisions about adopting safe and reliable gas technology especially through our branded canisters (cylinders)

Our innovative technologies is the exclusive content level gauge valve which allows content identification and the uniqueness of our cylinder technology ie CoMet- composite and metal is that it has a 30 year lifespan and does not explode in fire.

The hybrid Xlite, which has sold over 3 million world wide and we are committed to supplying a minimum of 10 million cylinders across Africa over the next. We have been working very closely with our long-term technical partners and vision supporters, Worthington- Alfa Head quartered in Ohio, USA, to ensure our that all our cylinders are produced to European standard that is applicable EN24445 and made in Nigeria for Africa.

Our core purpose as a business and LPG equipment supplier is to make cleaner fuel acceptable in Africa, to take our cylinder and gas products to everyone, everywhere in Africa.

We want LPG to be the fuel of choice.

We want Africa to talk about and associate gas, and cylinders, innovation, safety and technology to Rungas.